Success on the outside means NOTHING if you feel empty, overwhelmed, or unhappy on the inside.

You deserve:

  1. Less stress - so your mind and body stay empowered and healthy for you to enjoy your passions and loved ones.
  2. Powerful communication - with reduced conflict and misunderstandings to create solid relationships and fulfilling work so you feel strong, confident and successful.
  3. Less fear - with simple, effective personal safety strategies to give you peace of mind to focus on the people and things you love.
  4. A life you enjoy and future you're excited about - that provide certainty and relaxation that nurture your mind, body and spirit to reach your dreams.

Extensive Training & Experience

As a Certified: Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner, I continue my education and daily personal growth and to best serve my clients. This allows me to guide you step-by-step through the most powerful way to improve your life immediately. New perspectives and empowering communication skills will have you energized and enthusiastic about your life and future.


Your time is valuable and you deserve the most relevant, effective strategies that empower you immediately and have lasting benefits. Rather than a presentation that hypes you up for an hour or inspires you for a day, you use your new skills and strategies while you're in the room with me so you walk out feeling more confident and successful than you came in. My presentations are fun, fast-paced and powerful.

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Kelly Rudolph, Speaker, San Diego

My Story:

The choices I made with low self-esteem lead me to become a survivor of years of rape and domestic violence by age 29. I was studying with an American Indian Shaman who walked me through a quick process to release the trauma and trapped emotions and it has never bothered me since.

This experience sent me in a new direction. I created SURVIVE! Self-Defense 1999-2011, a personal safety and self-defense company where I personally trained (in person) thousands of men, women, teens and kids how to avoid becoming a victim and what to do in case they did. I also published 5 books and a DVD, worked with John Walsh of America's Most Wanted on National TV, and appeared regularly on the nightly news to give personal safety tips and strategies.

When I was recruited by the largest personal growth company in the world to be a coach, I gained extensive experience and passion for coaching and that set me up for what I do today.

I live in beautiful San Diego, California.

My passion is showing people how powerful they truly are in their lives. It is mind-blowing to realize how much you can do and how quickly you can do it. What is it YOU want? Are you ready to learn how to get it?

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Kelly Rudolph
Transformational Speaker & Powerful Results Coach