Hi, I’m Kelly Rudolph, Certified Life Coach and Speaker and here’s what I believe…

Positive Women Celebrate Life | Kelly Rudolph

Here’s My Story:

I grew up being teased for being a tall, skinny, redhead. My self-esteem was so low that in the 4th grade, when the school nurse checked my eyes and told me I’d have to wear glasses to read, I chose to stop reading rather than be teased for being a “four-eyes” too.

I graduated on the Honor Roll in 1980 and had been taking Emergency Medical classes for a year. I was a certified Emergency Medical Technician before I was old enough to work as one so I helped out in the EMT class at the local community college and did ride-alongs at the ambulance company on the weekends until my 18th birthday.

Having a lot of experience in patient care from all of the time I camped out on ambulances, I became one of the first female Paramedics in the US at age 18 because someone told me I couldn’t do it. I also jumped out of the first plane I ever flew in, because someone said I wouldn’t do it and moved to Hawaii by myself because someone said “You can’t just move to Hawaii!”

Doing things just to prove a point isn’t the way to live life, however, my competitive nature and drive to prove myself is what I credit with my amazing life and arriving where I am now, happy with the person I’ve become. :)

Rape & A Career Change

At age 22, I was raped on a date. By age 29, I’d survived two and a half years of domestic violence (at the hands of the first of two fiance’s I didn’t marry). This would ultimately lead me to create SURVIVE! Self-Defense LLC in 1999. There is some great info on my 12 year Personal Safety career at KellyRudolphPST.com

I met an Indian Medicine Man at age 22 who I’m honored to have learned from for the next 14 years! I use things he taught me every minute of my life and am truly grateful for that experience. This was my entry into the spiritual world as I always knew there was more than just what I saw with my eyes.

Moved Around A Bit

There were moves to Hawaii, like I mentioned, Lake Tahoe to experience working at a ski resort and San Diego all by myself, TWICE.

My decisions to live in Hawaii and San Diego were based on how fun those two places looked on Magnum P.I. and Simon & Simon TV shows. At one point, I was sitting around in the living room of my 12 story dorm in Hawaii watching Magnum P.I. on TV with 60 other people who’d moved there for the same reason.

A Few Fun Careers

I was an Interior Decorator for 8 years, sold botanical skin care for 15 years, modeled wedding gowns for 10 years (for fun) took acting lessons for a year (for fun), taught personal safety and self-defense for 12 years, where I wrote 4 books and produced a DVD and spoke frequently for 120+ corporate clients and participated in the most aggressive self-defense training available. I won over $15,000 worth of prizes for my TeleSeminar skills and I’ve been an internet business coach since August 2010, assisting people in building, marketing and promoting business online.

In between all of this, I took people on their own spiritual journeys (inside of themselves) to find what was missing in their lives and access energy they never knew existed. The results are phenomenal and they are always thrilled! I really wanted to share this knowledge with more people but was afraid of what others would think. Well… NOT ANY MORE!

Living My Passion

With all of my experience in coaching and teaching, as well as becoming a Certified Life Coach in the best coaching school on the planet, I felt my energy shifting to great confidence and the burning desire to share what I know to be true about creating ideal futures, relationships and healthy lives.

I came to a place in June of 2011 when I decided to do what I’ve always been passionate about and stop caring what other people might think. Besides, the people who criticize don’t matter and the people who matter support me.

I LOVE showing women how to access their inner power, their inner strength and inner guidance system! In turn, women share this knowledge with those they care about and pass it along.

My company, Planet Dragonfly® provides women with programs and coaching to get Out Of Their Rut And Into Their Groove, creating a life, relationships and future worthy of devotion! PositiveWomenRock.com is the website where you can learn more.

I’m also a Speaker and provide powerful seminars for businesses and groups.